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Michael Drake, CEO of masterIT, Remains Committed to Raising Employers Awareness of Behavior Health Issues

February 13, 2018

Michael Drake, CEO of masterIT, remains committed to raising top executives and employer’s awareness of behavioral health issues. A longtime advocate for a cultural shift in attitudes about mental health, Michael hopes to foster new norms in the workplace that would “combat the stigma that still prevents conversations about mental health needs.” Michael is featured…

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Four Reasons You Need the Best Cybersecurity for Healthcare

February 13, 2018

Warren Buffet thinks that cyber-attacks are, “a bigger threat to humanity than nuclear weapons.” I hope we have your attention now. The best cybersecurity is essential in healthcare and has never been more important to make a top priority than at this point in history. In the future, it will only grow worse. If you’re in healthcare, you’re…

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Cyber Security Basics: A Guide

February 9, 2018

Cyber Security Basics: A Guide With more and more threats online today than ever before, knowing the cyber security basics is imperative to the success and safety of your business. Your business is at risk. There are individuals out there waiting for their moment to strike and take down your site and the information it…

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Daily News talks with masterIT’s CEO Michael Drake about the “Many Businesses Not Prepared for Cyber Attack”

June 22, 2017
businesses not prepared for cyber attacks

Are You One of the Many Businesses Not Prepared for Cyber Attacks? The Daily News talks with masterIT’s CEO Michael Drake about the many businesses not prepared for cyber attacks. The article sites information provided by the National Center for the Middle Market, “The majority of U.S. middle market companies more-than-half do not even have an up-to-date cyber security…

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Ransomware Warning

May 17, 2017
ransomware warning

To mitigate risk, masterIT deploys a tiered approach to security for its clients. Beginning with the firewall, a comprehensive suite of security services is deployed. Server data is backed up and audited daily. Each client’s servers, workstations and laptops connected to the network are patched on a regular schedule. Anti-virus updates are pushed on a…

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