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challenge the norm

Change for change’s sake isn't wise, but living in a perpetual rut isn't either.

One of our favorite sayings at masterIT is, “Conventional wisdom stinks, and is usually given by sleeping people.” You can probably tell we like to challenge the status quo. Technology is a very disruptive force in many businesses’ lives. That disruption can be leveraged or cause pain. The choice is up to us. “The way we have always done it before”…is conventional. Make no mistake, masterIT’s practice is built upon best practices and process. When we look at our client’s infrastructure, applications and work flow, we always ask the question, “How can we improve it?”

The way we approach improvement is to look at the top IT trends in any given vertical we serve and ask the client how they see the trends – are they innovations that will bring productivity and profitability? These are typically trends our clients are too busy to research. That is part of the value of the relationship with masterIT. How we do it is with each client’s fractional CIO from masterIT incorporating the discussion in our regularly scheduled review meetings called STAMPs (Steering Team Action Meeting and Planning).

We encourage any business to look at how they are leveraging technology and the way they “have always done things.” Then ask yourself, “Can I measure that return?” Change for change’s sake is not a valid business reason to create disruption. But if it can improve workflow, competitiveness and ultimately, profitability, we encourage you to go through the exercise. You might not be ready for a change, but you at least can put it on your IT Roadmap to continually revisit when an if a change makes sense.

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