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cloudWe are living in the greatest revolution since the introduction of electricity to the masses over a hundred years ago. Why? The computer has escaped the box:

  • Was – self-contained devices with software installed on hard drives
  • Is – fast broadband connections allowing sophisticated software in the Cloud

What does this mean to the small and medium business? It is no longer important what is inside the box. The value is outside in the Cloud. Computing is turning into a utility because the internet is the new grid we plug into for applications. Think of iTunes,, Facebook, your smart phone, iPad and applications your business accesses through the internet. How do they navigate all the options available today and in the future?

Companies are turning from being builders of technology (server room, complicated systems, internal IT departments) to consumers. They are asking, "Do I even need an IT director or department?"

They turn to masterIT to answer these and many other questions surrounding the Internet and the Cloud revolution. They just want IT to work.

The end result is companies are spending less on infrastructure and support and getting more in return. masterIT delivers many solutions through the Cloud, but not every company or every application plays well in the Cloud. This is where masterIT's process of innovation leads clients through a roadmap for the future, ensuring the right technology for the right price at the right time.

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masterIT serves mid-south organizations with 20-500 employees. We help them leverage technology to be their market leaders.

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