core values

Our Values and Commitments

Our corporate culture and our commitment to creating a favorable environment for innovation for our clients are based on values which underpin our actions and successes

Extreme Ownership

masterIT has a whatever it takes mentality, and we are committed to doing IT right the first time.

We make no excuses and acknowledge our mistakes and admit failures with no ego.

We know the what and the why for our clients by preparing, being present and following up.

We train and mentor our team members so that we can execute our plans and those of our clients.


We transparently give and receive beneficial information with our stakeholders in a professional manner.

At masterIT, we are demanding but respectful. We seek to know and satisfy our clients’ needs in an encouraging way by following up and following through.

Face Reality

Facing reality is about wanting to know. To maximize the opportunities for success, we need to know the facts, our clients’ expectations, the market situation, and our competitors’ strengths and weaknesses so we can lead as the example.

But at masterIT, self-awareness is just as important: being able to assess our strengths objectively so we can surpass ourselves and reveal our full potential, as well as our weaknesses, so we can analyze them and remedy their consequences.

Constant Improvement

The solutions we design for our clients combine the talent, energy and creativity of our engineering, product and consulting teams with our partners’ technologies.

We seek to standardize our delivery for referenceable, repeatable success by following process.

We are self-motivated, proactively seeking the market in the pursuit of knowledge to make repetitive exceptional performance the habit.

Client Success

We are committed to a client-first philosophy by listening to them and operating in ways that help them get closer to their clients. We ultimately do this by having a deep understanding of our clients’ unmet needs.

Our team members have servants’ hearts and a strong work ethic. We are extensions of our clients’ teams.

Who we are

masterIT serves mid-south organizations with 20-500 employees. We help them leverage technology to be their market leaders.

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