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the future of IT for the small and medium business

The computer has escaped the box, and it is not coming back.

In our practice, we consult with clients on how they can leverage technology to be most successful. We meet regularly in an hour-long meeting called a STAMP (Strategic Team Action Meeting and Planning). Key is understanding the client’s culture, workflow and applications – knowing where we are in order to plan where we are going.

For today’s discussion, we will look at 3 key trends that will the Small and Medium Business (SMB) over the next several years:

Security – SMB’s are more reliant on technology to leverage their businesses than ever before, and the requirements to secure and protect data and access are becoming more complex with a lot of choices. Data today resides everywhere – on-premise, mobile devices, the cloud, or a combination. 

According to the 2015 SMB Routes to Market Study, small businesses rank security as their #1 challenge, and medium businesses rank it as their second most pressing technology challenge. These challenges now require an integrated approach to security threats, including combinations of hardware, software and end-user education. masterIT routinely conducts end-user training to our client base for them to be aware of what pitfalls exist and how to mitigate risk from them.

Mobility – The computer has escaped the box, and it is not coming back. According to the 2014 SMB Mobile Solutions Study, 59% of SMB’s view mobile solutions and services as “critical” to their business. 85% see mobile apps as complementing traditional business apps; 70% believe that mobile apps will replace some of their current business applications; and 48% say their employees are doing significantly more work on mobile devices. 

In our practice, Mobile Device Management and Mobile Application Management tools allow us to connect to our clients devices and apps no matter where they are, insuring greater uptime and throughput. 

Cloud – still a foggy picture, but getting clearer all the time. Today, most of our clients are utilizing one or more point solutions in the cloud like email. If they utilize collaboration, file-sharing or marketing automation, chances are they are in the cloud. 

Not all applications play well in the cloud. That is why we consult with our clients to choose the right migration path and timing. Legacy applications built for on-premise in some cases are cumbersome in the cloud. Internet speed and reliability also become critical factors when choosing a cloud application.

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