IT Consulting that Provides Clarity for Your Technology


Providing Clarity for Your Technology

Is your IT clear? Or certain? Does it deliver outcomes that make you an industry leader?  If not, you likely struggle with IT spending and the results you get.


Do you just want IT to work? MasterIT is the IT market leader, delivering technology-as-a-service to small and medium businesses.

Michael Drake, masterIT’s founder and CEO, is a 27-year technology veteran who meets with executives of companies like yours to provide clarity and answers to the questions. If you think a conversation makes sense, we welcome the meeting.


A few points:

  • Over the last 12 years, masterIT has made a huge impact on companies in your industry and other verticals. learn more
  • masterIT is independent of any vendor; we have all the solutions above, but are beholden to none allowing us to give options and deliver the best solution for the client.
  • A no-cost, independent assessment is the ideal way to examine current facts and explore future options
  • If we are not a fit, that’s okay. People we meet with always find valuable ideas to implement right away.


masterIT has spent over 12 years ensuring that organizations have the best possible IT experience. Our fanatical discipline around best practices and unique company way of delivering IT turns down the noise and makes IT a strategy rather than a tactic.

masterIT delivers technology-as-a-service including network security, 24/7 monitoring and management, end-user help desk, on-site engineer services, email, data back-up and restore, business continuity and disaster recovery, infrastructure supply and support, financial and IT consulting solutions

Because we serve companies in your industry locally, we would like to have a conversation. Ready to talk?

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