myth #2 – internal IT does not necessarily mean better service

debunking the IT myths we have encountered in our practice over the last 10 years

In our monthly newsletter, masterIT is publishing a series of IT Myths. The first was Less Expensive Doesn’t Mean Cheaper. Today we will focus on internal IT versus the right technology-as-a-service solution.

The business model of firms like masterIT delivering technology-as-a-service to the small and medium business did not even exist 15 years ago. The reason is mostly three-fold: 1) we did not have the ubiquity of the internet making remote services consistently available; 2) the tool sets did not exist to allow providers to deliver to small and medium businesses at a price they could afford; and 3) business owners were not familiar with the concept of outsourcing their IT function. The first two were resolved early on, and the economic crisis of 2008 forced all businesses to look at their expenses versus outcomes and question value.

The practice of technology today really requires a village approach. Security, email management, end-user support, project management, consulting, all require specific expertise. It is very difficult, if not impossible, for one or a few people in an internal IT department to have the certifications, experience and time to stay current with new technologies in order to deliver technology in a consistent manner. There is also the risk of turnover. Independent IT studies for years have agreed that the average tenure of a junior IT engineer is 18 months and that of a senior engineer is 30 months. Most companies do not have the internal qualification to recruit, interview, train, motivate or hold accountable that type of team member.

The DNA and culture of a company also has an impact. For those firms who have never outsourced, the idea of not having a physical resource on site to trouble shoot and fix end-user issues is difficult to grasp. In reality, one help desk person can only help one person at a time. The question then becomes, “Who has to wait?” The process and technology exist today for almost any device to be remotely connected, with or without the end user’s attendance in order to diagnose and resolve issues.

As you evaluate what solution is the right one for your culture and systems for the outcome you need, consider the number of issues you encounter monthly and the time it takes to resolve them. The more you can lower both of those numbers, the more you take IT from tactical to strategic – the ability to leverage technology to be the most successful you can be.

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