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myth #3: you are not really that dependent on technology

debunking the IT myths we have encountered in our practice over the last 10 years

In our monthly newsletter, masterIT is publishing a series of IT Myths. Myth #1 is Less Expensive Means Cheaper. Myth #2 is Internal IT Means Better Service. Today we focus on our dependence on technology.

When we meet an organization for the first time, we often hear, “We really are not that dependent on technology. Our line of business application and email are in the cloud, and that is pretty much all we use.” Interesting. What about security, accounting, application integration, end user support, business continuity?” In other words, what would happen, not to you, but to your client, if a technology disruption or disaster happened to you?

It is hard to believe that smart phones and tablets did not exist 8 years ago. That is like trying to imagine life without the microwave. They have changed the way we ALL behave, and that is a big deal. The vast majority of us are more dependent on technology than we have ever been. Imagine losing your iPhone – there goes your email and texting, music, pictures, notes, applications (including your next Uber ride) and a host of other technology aided activities.

The same is true in the business world. Mobile applications can make our world more immediate and productive, but they also can introduce complication and security risk. In our world, Internet Usage policies, Sandboxing of your data versus your company’s, Bring Your Own Device policies, among other issues, are at the forefront of what organizations are dealing with today because of their increased dependency on technology.

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