myth #4: it will never happen to us

debunking the IT myths we have encountered in our practice over the last 10 years

When we meet an organization for the first time, we often hear, “We can’t be vulnerable to a hack or security breach. We don’t have any information anyone would want.” Interesting. We are spending 2017 in our client base educating our end users on:

  • Statistics
  • Hacking Definitions
  • Hacked Companies
  • A Phishing Quiz
  • Common Ways Companies Are Hacked
  • Managing Passwords
  • Social Media

One of the biggest issues we have seen in the last year are “spear phishing” campaigns. These are emails targeted at specific individuals or organizations with the intent of persuading the recipient to reveal confidential information such as user names, passwords or other sensitive information.

The messages are often personalized and official looking. If you click on a link, you could go to a bogus site and you could be infected with malware such as an encryption key you would need to pay a ransom to unencrypt.

Another form of security breaches is a spam campaign involving fake wire transfer request emails. The purpose is to get the recipient to process a payment via wire transfer. The email is often very official looking and appears to come from the CEO or head of finance. We instruct people to hover over the scammer’s email address. It will be a spoof of the actual person’s. masterIT is aware of instances not in our client base, but in our local community, of organizations who have lost thousands and yes, even millions of dollars, this way.

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