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myth #5: we don’t have IT pain

debunking the IT myths we have encountered in our practice over the last 10 years

In our monthly newsletter, masterIT is publishing a series of IT Myths. Myth #1 is Less Expensive Means Cheaper. Myth #2 is Internal IT Means Better Service. Myth #3 is You Are Not Really That Dependent On Technology. Myth #4 is It Will Never Happen To Me. Today we will focus on IT Pain.

Many times the first thing we hear from somebody we meet for the first time is, “We are good. We don’t have IT pain.” That’s great. However, in our 10 years of practice, we rarely find someone not in pain, they have just learned to live with it. Like the CEO of one longtime client told us when we met him the first time, “IT feels like this pain in my back. I need to know if it is a pulled muscle, a kidney stone or cancer. I just need to know.”

In today’s world, we are all vulnerable to security breaches and hacks. We were at a recent security event, and the Chief Information Security Officer of FedEx said it is a matter of when, not if, we all experience a compromise. That could create a lot of future pain. When I was 16 and took my driver’s test, I found out for the first time I needed glasses. Wow! When I got them, I never knew how well other people could actually see. I had no idea what I was missing. That is the way it is with technology. We often learn to live with what we have.

It does not have to be that way. We can all improve. masterIT’s recommendation is to take an inventory of all of your IT “issues.” Add them up and see how they are affecting efficiency, productivity, client interaction, profitability and your people. When people go through this exercise they often find that pain in their IT back is more painful than they thought.

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