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Tom Shadyac - Not Your Typical Hollywood Director
masterIT hosted the January 2014 Lipscomb and Pitts Breakfast Club event with Tom Shadyac- writer and director

Lunch & Learn - Mobility and Cloud Computing May 2013
On May 30, 2013 masterIT, hosted an informative executive lunch and learn on "How To Take Advantage Of Mobile Computing To Boost Productivity WITHOUT Exposing Your Company To Security Breaches, Damaging Litigation And Rogue (Or Careless) Employees"

Lunch & Learn - Cloud Computing March 2012
On March 27, 2012 masterIT hosted an informative Lunch and Learn discussing today's platforms for Cloud Computing and what they mean to the small and medium business

Lunch & Learn - Next Gen Mobile Feb 2012
On February 28, 2012  masterIT, Vanick Group, and C Spire Wireless hosted the first of two informative Lunch and Learns discussing next generation smart devices and tablets.

Dr. Joseph Michelli, Ph.D. - Service and The Zappos Experience
masterIT hosted the January 2012 Lipscomb and Pitts Breakfast Club event with Dr. Joseph Michelli - world renowned speaker and author

Thomas Koulopoulos – The Innovation Zone
Mr. Koulopoulos discusses the right way to innovate

Andy Andrews – Seven Decisions That Determines Personal Success
Author Urges Businesses To Emphasize Community – see the speech here

Merril Hoge – Find A Way
Joint MILE and Lipscomb & Pitts Breakfast Club Events

Internal IT Departments
Reducing Operating Costs & Increasing IT Staff Productivity Workshop

Survivor or Statistic: The masterIT Business Continuity Workshop
The step-by-step program for implementing your Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Plan.

Reducing Costs and Improving Efficiencies in a Tough Economy
Panelists share success stories with business owners in navigating difficult times.

Michael Durant - Veteran, Author, Speaker
Lipscomb & Pitts Breakfast Club Event

Expect the Unexpected: The Checklist Every Business Leader Should Have
It could happen anytime.  It could happen to anyone.
View the Presentation

Business Unplugged
Don’t be left out of the mobility movement. Take your business to new heights…from anywhere.

Truckload Event
We’ve got a truckload full of toys. Mom said you can come over and play.

Develop Business Relationships... Period.
Lipscomb & Pitts Breakfast Club Event

Is Your Technology on Fire?
Event at the FedEx Institute

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