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the IT conversation I wish I would have had 5 years ago

Ever wish you could press the rewind button and know then what you know now?

5 years ago, masterIT wrote a white paper, The Big 5 IT Trends Impacting Business Now: What Every Business Leader Should Know. The more things change, sometimes the more they remain the same. Today we will revisit 2 of them – Mobility and Cloud, and we will introduce 2 others – Cyber Security and Vertical IT Trends.

We meet a lot of organizations who are in pain in one of those areas, mostly because they were not proactive around planning, process and implementation of these trends.

Mobility – it is hard to believe the smart phone is only 8 years old. When the iPhone was introduced, masterIT was not sure if we could support it due to security questions and the new burgeoning world of apps. It did not take long to decide – our clients demanded it, and the operating system proved to be very secure. Smart phones and tablets have changed our behavior. That is a huge deal. What most people wish is that they would have better planned how to deal with BYOD (bring your own device) policy and enforcement, security and how to leverage the ability to access data on the go. masterIT’s clients each have a dedicated fractional chief information officer who walked them through those issues, and hosted an event on next-generation mobility -

Cloud – in the last 5 years, most businesses have adopted some or many applications in the Cloud. We have gone from the hype cycle to early adopters to maturity in a short period of time. We have also seen Cloud adopters return to on-premise infrastructure due to security and bandwidth issues. Again, masterIT clients have a dedicated fractional chief information officer to analyze what applications would fit best in the cloud and when from a return on investment standpoint, and we hosted an event on cloud computing -

Cyber Security - This is a trend not really recognized to the degree of importance it deserved 5 years ago. Hacks, security breaches and ransomware viruses now have everyone’s attention. Cyber Security is now one of the biggest risks that small and medium businesses face because cybercrime is much easier, profitable and successful than ever before. The days of having a firewall and anti-virus software as a security policy are over. masterIT hosted an event that addressed what to do to protect and mitigate a business from malicious threats, ending with a checklist to take back to the office to implement immediately -

Vertical IT Trends – Every industry is different relative to the line of business applications, workflow and best practices it uses. In our practice, we have seen clients ask us what technology trends can best impact their operations and competitiveness. It is important to masterIT to understand the business objectives first, then ask the questions about how technology can best leverage it. Whether peer groups, trade shows or industry publications, masterIT’s fractional chief information officers are constantly researching alternatives, not technology for technology’s sake, to evaluate. We encourage you to do the same.

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These “conversations” have been important in the evolution of how businesses leverage technology over the last 5 years. The conversations are not possible or strategic unless IT is in a fire prevention versus a fire fighting mode. If you would like to have a conversation about any of these or other topics, click the red button now!

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